Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Goodness Me Box: Item Review

Why hello there and welcome back to Adorn Beauty.
You may recall I have done a blog post and a YouTube Video all about the Goodness Me Box monthly subscription; well I wanted to keep the good times rolling and this month instead of showing you all the items in the box just do a review on one of the items -
the Cacao Protein Muffin Mix.

Now this item was one that I was drawn to as soon as I opened the box. Its a muffin mix that makes up 6 muffins (or in my case a bunch on tiny bite versions!). All you have to do is add in an egg and some almond milk - mix together, cook for 10 minutes and voila! Healthy, chocolate, tasty goodness in a muffin. 

As per the recommendation on the packet, I liked the idea of adding something on top so I went with banana - walnut would also be amazing - even drizzling melted dark choc would be amazing, the options are endless! 

So overall I am impressed with these little guys. Perfect thing to have in the cupboard to quickly wiz up if unexpected guests arrive, or you want snacks for the next few days but don't want to think too much or put too much effort in!
After having a squiz at the website I can see they offer a bunch of different flavours, along with a pancake mix, muesli and more - ummm yum!
You can check them out HERE if you as keen as I am! 

Would I purchase again? Yep - purely for those days I don't want to bake, and to know I've got that healthy but tasty treat as a possibility in the cupboard. Winning.
Have you tried these? Have you tried any of the other flavours? Would you like to try these?
Hope your all having a great hour in the one that you read this!
Talk soon,

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