Friday, 7 November 2014

Dior 'STAR' Nail Polish

 Hello there and welcome back, its nice to see you here again hehe.
Today I wanted to share with you a sneaky purchase I made to celebrate completing the Tone It Up #150 Miles by Halloween (that's 242km in 54 days!).
I decided something designer was in order and seeing as I do not have those sort of funds it was a nail polish purchase for me! lol. 

I went with the Dior Vernis in Star which is a part of the Spring collection I believe and is a limited edition - so if you like the look of it get in quick! 

This is my first designer nail polish as I am pretty obsessed with Essie and Relvon so I never really felt the need to spend more money on something like nail polish.

This polish is actually worth it, yes I'm saying it!
It is a gel effect nail polish which is built into the color. It has this amazing shine to the nail and I've had it on my nails for 7 days thus far and I've only got the most minimum wear and tear on the ends of my nails. No big chips, no need to re-paint, no nail has lost a big amount of color at all! That to me is worth it in itself!

The lid comes off and it has the actually screw off lid underneath, similar to Butter London.

I applied two coats to my nails.....and wait for it..... no top coat! Yikes I know right, it is so shiny itself I just didn't feel like it needed a topcoat!
The color is beautiful too, something I don't have in my collection. Its a dark pink in a sense but sometimes looks brighter to me and sometimes looks more red, a perfect spring color and something I can see myself wearing all year round.

They are $39 each, which when I think designer nail polish I actually am really happy with this price point. When you pay $20 or more for many of the drugstore nail polishes, having a designer polish that is actually of high quality that lasts on the nails well is so worth that extra $14 for me! Plus what girl doesn't want a beautiful little gem sitting on their vanity?
I purchased mine at Myers and I've had a look online but they only sell these limited edition colors in the stores. Here is a like to the other colors they sell though - HERE!
Im already eyeing up some other colors now I know how well they last!

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