Monday, 10 June 2013

Workout Wishlist

Hi all,

I am obsessing with working out at the moment - this is 100% due to Tone It Up - LINK! 
I follow the girls nutrition plan, workouts and lifestyle and I am absolutely loving it! 
Since joining up to this community in December 2012 I have lost 5kg and 7cm around my waist, which I am pretty amazed by because it hasn't been a struggle, but instead a tone of fun! 
Anywho, because of this I get overly excited to get new workout gear and below is my rather long wishlist! Rebel Sport is currently having a 30%-50% sale so I may have already picked up a few things and recommend you go check it out! 
Maybe its just me, but having cute nice bright workout gear is one of my biggest motivators! 
Let me know what you like from the below! 

Lorna Jane Reversible Tight - LINK!

Lorna Jane Tenacity Parker - LINK!

Lorna Jane LJ Warm Up Jacket - LINK!

RUN:Bundle Up Jacket

Lulu Lemon Bundle up Jacket - LINK!

Women'S Brisk Run Gloves

Women'S Brisk Run Gloves

Lulu Lemon Brisk Run Gloves - LINK!

Adidas Women's Studio Power Tights - LINK!

Adidas Women's Studio Power Tights - LINK!

Adidas Women's Studio Power Woven Shorts - LINK!

Adidas Women's TF Perfect 3/4 Tights - LINK!

Nike Women's Exploded Sports Tee - LINK!

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