Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Press & Go Manicure

Hello all, today I have a nail post. In particular, its my all time favorite stick on nails.
To go back to the begining, I use to be an acrylic nail kind of girl, french tip, gel nails, shellac nails ~ you name it I tried it. However I am also a bit of a fickle kind of girl, I get sick of my outfit by the time 5pm rolls around, I enjoy changing up my hair all the time (finally stopping myself from that one), I paint my nails a new color every few days ~ I'm lucky if I can keep the same color for a week! So as much as I'd love to have my nails done proffessionally so they are all the same length and shape, I just get board of it too easily!
This is where the Press & Go Manicure Nails come in, I have given quite a few stick on nail brands a go during my beauty lifetime and I've always found them flying off my fingers at the smallest things - like typing on a keyboard! Slightly embarrasing at work let me tell you! So when i choose to try out the ones below, I was expecting the same thing (I must have received them in a goodie bag). Low and behold ~ they are amazing! They last for at least 10 days on me, I find I actually remove them after about a week (going back to that whole changing things often 7 days is more than enough for me!). They come in the cutest prints and colours, are not overly long, take 5 minutes to apply and truly last! I often have people asking 'how did you paint that pattern on your nail?' only to be stumped when i say 'oh these are stick on nails'. They are also great for when you want a break from painting your nails, and more often then not they are the ones I pop on when I'm running out of time!
Ok, enough of my rave ~ photos of a few that I have at the moment are below along with a few places where you can purchase them yourself!
Anyone else a massive fan of these? 


Pick Me - LINK!

Holla - LINK!

Space Cadet - LINK!

They come pre-glued so all you need to do is select the best shape for each nail, use the wet cloth they provide to remove any oils on the nails, peel back the clear tape on the back of the nail and press firmly on, and voila! 

Places to Purchase these from:
Ebay: LINK!
Priceline: LINK! 

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