Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What I Wore: Saturday

Hi all,
I am obsessed with my boyfriend jeans at the moment, really loving the ever so slightly scruffy baggy look! Hence me wearing these jeans in yet another What I Wore edition.
Outfit Details:
Jeans: Blockout - DIY rips: LINK!
Top: Gazman, yes I'm wearing my bfs top, it is so comfy! LINK!
Shoes: Aldo: LINK!
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For my hair, I actually followed a video that Katrina - one of the amazing Tone It Up girls created.
If you havent heard about these incredible girls, please go check out their website - HERE.   
You can view the beach hair video HERE. I love this hair look, think ill be sporting it a lot more, thank you for all the tips and tricks Katrina, I love it!


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  2. Great post!

    Inspiration is what I get from reading your blog,
    So that deserves a new follower :)

    Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time




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