Monday, 29 April 2013

Travel Diary: Noosa Australia

Hi all,
So recently I went on a little getaway to Noosa in Aus. It was such a beautiful spot in the world and I highly reccommend anyone going there 100%
Here is a snapshot of my trip, of course in photo diary format, enjoy!

We went to an all you can eat buffet and there was also a wine buffet....yes as in you can have as much as you like, 100s of wines laid out for you to pick from. I was happily confused.
Lips: Macs Girl About Town - LINK!

Nails: Revlons Pretty in Papaya - LINK!
Book: The Coffee Shop in Kabul - really good read! 

I always take a big clip to the beach with me so I can bundle up my wet hair, then unclip it when I leave for beachy waves. Anyone else do that?

Anyone else dreaming of a beach holiday? I now want to go on another ASAP!

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