Friday, 24 May 2013

Sydney Fashion Weekend

Last weekend I had a girls trip away to Sydney to go to the Sydney Fashion Weekend. 
My good friend Laura bought me a ticket as a birthday gift (thank you Laura!), so we decided to make a weekend of it, stayed in a gorgeous two story apartment, drank a lot of wine, had awesome chats in the car journey up and laughed ourselves silly... oh and then there was an entire day of shopping too! 
So for majority of gals out there I'm sure this weekend sounds like something you've done or would love to do, and I agree, little getaways with a great girlfriend are ideal! 
In case your like, huh? Sydney Fashion Weekend, what? It is a 4 day event that is held at a giant warehouse type venue full of stores / stalls of clothing, jewellery, shoes and accessories; and all for a discounted price! (as in 50% to 90% off - ahh yep!) 
Then there is also a runway show each day that you can view if you have purchased a runway ticket, which lovely Laura did get for me so we got to view the runway show also which showcased 10 Australian designers. The clothes were beautiful, the show was executed so well and the music just tied into each designers inspiration and 'look' perfectly. 
Below are a few photos I took on the day and a small clip of some of the runway show. 

Beautiful Laura

What the stalls looked like

Arms were full of shopping bags 

I went with a basic outfit for the day as i knew i would be doing a lot of changing! 
Top: Ebay - LINK!
Jeans - Zara
Booties: Rubi Shoes - LINK!
Belt: Cotton On - LINK!
Bag: Colette - LINK! 

Below is a small clip of some of the runway show - I really enjoyed the music! 

So there we have it, a small recap of a really fun weekend! 
It is said to be happening again in 2014 .... I shall start saving now! 
Sydney Fashion Weekend Website: LINK!

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