Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What I Wore: Monday

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Here is an outfit post, of a Autumn Monday Outfit.
During the colder months my go to outfit for work is always black tights, black skirt, plain top and some variation of coat, blazer or jacket. Its great for days when I dont wish to think prior to 10.30am, but I am attempting to shake things up a bit as that does get a tad boring for me. I enjoy creativity, and being unique; so I try to put that towards how I choose to dress each day.
I love the quote: Fashion is what your offered 4 times a year, style is what you pick out of that fashion. I'm going to attempt to apply this thought to my outfits this winter, so i dont end up with the same girl, same outfit, different day syndrome.
Hence the pants, basic as they are I want to wear more pants to work this winter. I am itching to go get these in black... 

Outfit Details:
Top: Supre - LINK!
Belt: Thrifted
Pants: Zara - currently in store in Canberra! Get on it! 
Shoes: Rubi Shoes: LINK!
Scarf: Tiny store in Sorrento
Hair Bun: Forever New - LINK! 

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