Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What I Wore: Tuesday

Hi all,
Just a quick What I Wore today, I snapped these pics a minute or two after I had to leave the apt!
Here is the amazing DBA Sweatshirt by Jules, who has an incredible blog - Sincerely Jules
If you haven’t checked out her blog - please do, I promise you won’t be disappointed, that girl gives me daily fashion inspiration so thank you lovely!!
Anyway - this top Jules has designed and it is so comfy! I can tell it will be my go to Jumper for the winter. I enjoy that can feel like I'm in Pjs due to the comfort factor, yet still be acceptable for me to wear just about anywhere. I wore this ensemble to work and just dressed it up a bit with a collared shirt.
I am already looking forward to wearing it with my boyfriend jeans and bright heels. ahh all the options!
The rest of my outfit is pretty basic, half asleep thrown together look - normal.
Outfit Details:
Dream Believe Achieve Sweatshirt: Sincerely Jules - LINK!
Polka Dot Shirt: Cotton On - LINK!
Skirt: Blockout - LINK!
Shoes: FSW - LINK!
Hope everyone is having a great day!


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