Thursday, 25 April 2013

Victoria Secret: New Purchase

Hi all, hope everyone is well!
 First up let me explain my slightly worrying obsession with Victoria Secret.
It all started when I went to Camp America ~ I was already obsessed with VS models as they are such motivational girls, so when I actually got to shop in the Herald Store in New York, I was hooked. Have been obsessed ever since. 
Upon learning that there are 'concept' VS stores in Airports across Australia, I flipped out. Yes I am that sad person who madly flaps her arms and bangs whoever is next to me as soon as I see one of these stores.   
My last holiday away was no exception, there is now a VS store in the Brisbane domestic airport ladies.
I picked up a few things but my favourite purchase for sure is the one below: 

VS Phone Case: $49 AUD 

Ahhh love it! Feels so soft and I like that it isn't smooth ~ easy to clean!   


I thought id also snap a shot of the phone case that is actually on my phone also ~ this one I custom made over at SkinIt, you can literally put anything on them; instagram photos, quotes and pictures ~ the options are endless! I went with a few of my favourite cities all over the world.   

Victoria Secret Phone Cases: LINK!
Personalized Phone Case: LINK! 

Whats on your phone at the moment? 
Anyone as obsessed with Victoria Secret as me? 


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