Thursday, 30 July 2015

Quick! What Heading Should I Use?

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Today I wanted to share with you something a little different. A lot of you may or may not know I am currently undertaking my Masters in Marketing, so today I wanted to write about an interesting topic that has come up for me in relation to marketing.
It's all about writing headlines, should they be different for social media Vs. a newspaper? Or would you keep them the same?
What immediately comes to mind for me is that social media is all about quick titbits of information, entertainment and imagery. Its about connecting with friends, family and influencers. Newspapers are all about journalism, detailed recounts of events and my personal favourite the weather forecast!
So for me the answer is pretty simple, yes writing headlines for social media and newspapers should be different because the content that is going onto them should be tailored made, if not separate anyway.

Social media is a platform to allow for businesses, brands and people to really connect and communicate in a two way street, whereas Newspapers are much more here is the information we wish to provide to you, so your headlines should account for that. Perhaps social media headlines should focus more on generating engagement, including questions or showing an image with the text on top and newspapers should be much more focused on delivering the content in a practical and concise way to allow for readers to get the facts fast. 
I find social media is a fantastic way for brands to learn more about their target market and gain valuable insights into how they think and feel about their products and services, and I find newspapers and print distribution in general a fantastic way to allow for brand awareness. 
One thing I know for both social media and newspaper headlines, they have got to be catchy and draw attention so that the consumer wants to know more! 
So what's your take on headlines? Would you make them the same? Would you even put up the same content on both platforms? 

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