Monday, 20 July 2015

Colouring in Mindfulness

Coloring in for adults - say what?!
When I first heard of this new trend I was so on board, who doesn't remember and love coloring in as a kid?
It has certainly taken off and I can understand why.

Coloring is said to aid in Mindfulness as it allows the mind to focus solely on one thing whilst occupying your hands, letting you be present without even realising it. It helps to increase concentration and often helps replace any negative thoughts you may be having and reduces stress. Along with it being a creative outlet, this can improve the use of the right hemisphere of your brain as you are engaging in something that allows you to be creative and create a end result all by yourself.

The coloring book I have I picked up from Angus and Robertson LINK! and I was drawn to it due to the Mandalas. Through some reading I found out that one of the very first psychologists actually used coloring as a method of relaxation for clients and would have them color Mandalas due to the circular design and concentric shapes through them also being beneficial.
Mandalas originated in India and are linked to meditation.
What a perfect combo hey?

These are the ones I've started so far, and I am really enjoying allowing myself just a few minutes each day to stop and color for a bit, I feel like it allows some calm into my day and slows me down so when I get up and continue on with my day I feel like I am more in control if that makes sense?
I am planning on finishing this one up and framing it in my office, I also think it would make for a lovely thoughtful gift, to color one in thinking of someone and putting as much positive energy and love and time into it, framing it and sending it off to them letting them know your sending them some of the good vibes.
What do you think? Keen to go back to the good old days of being a kid sitting on the floor coloring in?

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