Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lifestyle: Mum Comes to Town

 Welcome back to Adorn Beauty, I've got a lifestyle post to share with you today.
How good are Mums? Seriously, if you've got one nearby go give them a cuddle. They just always seem to know what to do, what to say and how to help. Well my mum does anyway, and she recently came to spend a few days with us which was just so nice. I honestly feel like my life is that bit easier with my mum around!
Below are some shots from one of our days out, we came into the city in Brisbane so I could show her some of my favourite spots.
We got the train into central and this is right as you come out of the exit - building galore, I love it so much.
Tights: Dharma Bums - LINK!
Shoes: Nike - LINK!
Top: Lorna Jane - LINK!
Jacket - Target - Similar HERE!
Backpack - Nike - LINK!
We strolled through the centre of the city to head to a yoga class, there are so many building I could take photos of, they are each so different.
We then did a 45min deep stretch yoga class at Stretch Yoga - LINK!
We only did 4 poses in the 45 minutes! It was all about really settling into each pose, I really enjoyed it and would happily recommend any of the classes from here.  
The walls are so lovely, the studio has been done up really well. They have little plants all along one wall and quotes throughout.

We then headed to Jaime's Italian for some lunch (of which I totally forgot to photograph, but it was delicious! If you ever go order the polenta fries, SO good!) and headed for a walk to the other end of the city to check out the Botanical Gardens.
Macro Mum clearly in her element here!  

The gardens are gorgeous, I love that there is a beautiful green area with the city right there too

After that it was a walk back to the train and home we went.
I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into a day with my Mum, what do you normally do with your Mum?

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