Friday, 10 January 2014

What I Wore: Running

Hello there! Happy New Year to you! I am finally back feeling like myself - aka not a sick mess spending all day moaning in bed. 
So to welcome in the new year I have a fitness related post for you. I'm sure many, just like me when thinking about the things they want to change, improve, start and try for a new year always have some sort of 'fitness regime' added to the list. 
I am actually grateful that this was my resolution at the start of 2013 and I am still going strong! 2013 was the year I gave myself some kindness and allowed time to make a change, not a week like I have been known to do in the past! 
This spurred on a year long health kick which has totally changed my life / lifestyle. I am happy to say I now love working out and the endorphin's it brings, eating healthy is now second nature to me and my body is so use to fresh fruit and veg that I don't often crave anything else! 
So of course, giving myself a year to become a healthy human has meant I've rewarded every effort to myself in the form of workout clothes - I mean is there really any better motivation? 
This year I will be sharing my fitness and health side of life a bit more, I'm starting to feel like it all makes sense to me so I want to share that knowledge with you all too! 
So for today I've got an outfit of the day post for a workout outfit that is perfect for running (and actually what I wore that morning on my run so excuse the sweaty face!)

Any loose tank top is perfect to run in. Just something that is comfortable to you, doesn't get in the way and doesn't rub are the criteria here. I often enjoy a cheeky slogan tank - I dont know why but they please me immensely. 
Side note: I was wearing my bright pink kiss my abs tank the other day out running and I was smiling at everyone I passed like I always do but no one was smiling back! Mustn't been too impressed with my bleary tank! 

I am a runner who requires music, I find it exponentially harder without it! I use this LJ one and its perfect, has a spot to put the headphones through and doesnt budge the entire time. I also stick my phone in there too so I can snap photos and track my pace and time. 

I will often workout in a hat, especially if it is sunny, its a great way to get all of those pesky little hairs out of the way. A trick I like to do when I have nice straight clean hair and dont wish to wash it on a daily basis is to place my hair through the gap at the back of the hat but not use a hair tie. That way I have it up and out of the way, but I dont end up with a huge kink running through it from a hair tie! 

These LJ shorts are so FLURO! I love them, I am a big lover of bright workout clothes - may as well make it as fun as possible right!? I had to saturate this photo so much to have the Lorna Jane writing visible. 

Hehehe, I had a cat friend for a few weeks which was lovely! 
Outfit Details:
Hat: Nike - LINK!
Sports Bra: Blockout - LINK!
Tank Top: Cotton On Body - LINK!
Shorts: Lorna Jane - LINK!
iPod Case: Lorna Jane - LINK!
Sweatband Pouch: Cotton On Body - LINK!
Shoes: Asics - LINK!

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