Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Ultimate Breakfast

Why hello there,
Today I am sharing with you my most favorite breakfast of all time...ever. Protein Pancakes are a strong second, and some days an equal first; but my heart belongs to this breakfast purely because I can make it quicker than protein pancakes! Which means this is my Monday-Friday first choice then the Protein Pancakes go perfectly with weekend relaxing. It's truly a win win I tell you.
Oh and if your not sure what I'm on about when I say Protein Pancakes, read THIS!
Ok so my love of breakfast was a slow growing thing. Growing up I absolutely hated having to eat breakfast, in fact there were often mornings where I would get up earlier than Mum, go to the kitchen and put some milk in a bowl with a spoon and then leave it in the sink so it looked like I'd eaten ... how bad is that!?!
(Sorry Mum!) 
It was around the time I was 16 when I started to be a lot more interested in health and fitness (really I was just a young girl wishing she had abs haha) so I did start to eat breakfast. It was your typical cereals or toast, nothing that exciting so I didn't really enjoy it all that much. Fast forward to me moving out of home and deciding that my health and body were highly important to me if I wanted to live a long and happy life and that now I lived without the comfort of my parents it was something I needed to focus on, therefore I realized breakfast was truly the most important meal of the day. I read a lot about what's the perfect thing to eat first thing in the morning but found it hard to incorporate all the different elements such as healthy fats, protein, fruits, carbs etc. However, slowly but surly as I researched, found foods I really liked and combined so that now I have managed to find my ultimate breakfast! It's honestly got it all and its so tasty that I am always happy to wake up in the morning because I know I have this amazing taste-bud pumping meal to enjoy. Most mornings I get up and immediately go for a run, which means when I am about halfway back home I get excited at the thought that I can eat breakfast soon! 
I try to have my first meal of the day as my biggest meal, and then have 2 small snacks and 2 medium size meals for the rest of the day. Starting off with a big filling breakfast gets me going for the day, keeps me full until mid morning and gives me the energy I need to really start my day with some force! 
As you'll be able to see by the extensive photos below - I am addicted! Read on to see exactly whats in this amazing bowl of goodness. 

Ingredients: Here is what I have in it 90% of the time, the other 10% of the time I will vary the fruits I put on-top depending on the season.

Kamut Puffs: these little puffs are ancient grains that have a nutty flavour to them. they are easier to digest compared to other wheats and contain a higher amount of protein! I like to think of them as Rice Crispies older, bigger and healthier sister! 

Walnuts: I use about a handful and smash them up into small pieces. Walnuts have anti-inflammatory benefits along with a high dose of omega 3 fats which are perfect to start the day off with 

Chia Seeds: these teeny tiny little seeds contain a high amount of essential fatty acids which help to speed up your metabolism and help your muscles to recover. Plus they also become a gel consistency when liquid is added to them!

Cinnamon: this spice helps to regulate your blood sugar levels which helps to maintain your energy during the day. It also helps to kick your metabolism into high gear - and I'm addicted to the flavour!

Honey: ahhh the sweet stuff, yep I do just like adding this for that extra sweet taste to my breakfast but it is also jam packed with antioxidants which help protect your immune system!

Greek Yogurt: filled with protein and calcium and helpful for your guy, greek yoghurt is the perfect alternative to yoghurt, and it makes my breakfast stick together once I blend it all up

Strawberries: other than just tasting amazing, strawberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, which is a perfect combo to give you glowing skin

Passion-fruit: obsessed is a word I use lightly with my addiction to passionfruit, it is true love I tell you! It is full of Vitamin A and C which helps with eyesight and soft skin so its a definite win!

There you have it! My most favourite breakfast and for all the right reasons! Let me know if you give this delight a go and what you think of it! What is your go to breakfast?

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  1. hi. love your enthusiasm for life, it is infectious.
    just wondering where in Canberra I can buy the puffs? I would love to try them

    1. Thank you so much :) You can get the puffs from Coles or Woolworths in the health food isle. They are normally on the bottom shelf, I hope you like them! xoxo


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