Monday, 13 January 2014

My Essie Nail Polish Collection

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Today I wanted to share with you my Essie nail polishes ~ I became obsessed with these polishes probably about a year ago whilst I watched American and UK girls go on about how amazing the colours were through reading blogs and watching vlogs, how they had good lasting power and of course the cute names for them all. But alas, there were not available in Australia. Then rolled around me going to New York last year and its safe to say I went a touch crazy in the drugstores, I mean come on Australia get your act together and start selling makeup cheaper! 
Whilst on that trip I purchased 6 polishes (and wrapped them individually in my clothing when packing to come home to ensure there were no breakages!).
However now I can happily say they have now made their way to the Australian shores and Essie nail polishes are now being sold in Priceline (whoop woo!) (lots of bracket writing going on today isn't there?)
So far since the launch in December I have purchased two - yup you can say it, I'm behaving rather well aren't I?
So enough rambles, below are the pictures of the Essie polishes in my collection, I may have also wanted to post this purely because they are pretty.... 

L-R: Buy Me A Cameo, Sand Tropez, Fifth Avenue, Play Date, Mint Candy Apple, Miami Nice, A Cut Above & Set In Stones

This is with two coats 

And there you have it, my collection thus far. 
Overall my thoughts on Essie Nail Polish is that the colour range is amazing, all the colours I have work perfectly with two coats, a few actually only really need one coat, the lasting power is about 3-4 days on my nails with minimum chipping and I find I can keep a colour on for a week without too many obvious chips. I would always recommend putting a top coat on for lasting power, and a base coat for more pigmented or darker colours to avoid that annoying stain to the nails.
Which colours have you got? Any you recommend to me for my next purchase, I'm sure it won't take me long! 
You can have a looksie at the colour range available in Priceline or online HERE! 
They sell for $16.95 here which is fairly steep for nail polish, however I am an Essie addict so I'm just happy they are now readily available! Also if you sign up for the Priceline email, you'll get notifications of sales and they often do fairly decent ones with 40% off cosmetics a few times a year - that's when I tend to stock up!
Anywho, I'm off I go, happy days to you all!

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