Monday, 2 December 2013

What I Wore: Yoga Workout

Hello all, hope you are well ♥

Here we have an outfit post of what I wore to my yoga class last week. I have just gotten back into yoga and am absolutely loving it! It’s the perfect way to stretch out the body, lengthen the spine and help tone muscles. But even more important than all that is the mental and spiritual 'fitness' that you can gain from a yoga class. It really helps to de-clutter your mind, calm you down, eliminate stress and go a bit 'Zen' for 1 1/2 hours. I ♥ ♥ ♥ it! It’s the perfect addition to an active lifestyle to help balance everything out!


After my class I was feeling all Zen and centred when I thought that there may be people out there wanting to try yoga but not sure what to wear! There are a few factors to consider so I hope this post helps!

First up and one of the best things is you go barefoot! No need for wiz bang boo shoes here ladies, so thongs are a goer for me, easy to slip off and simple to grab and go
For the bottom half I like to go with three-quarter tights in summer or if you’re in winter go for full length. I think that they can be tight or loose, whatever you find more comfortable. I wouldn’t opt for loose shorts though, as some moves you have your legs up in the air and I know that I don’t particularly want to be showing off ALL of my legs to an entire class if you catch my drift!

Top half I actually recommend you opt for a tighter form fitting top - be it tank or tee or long sleeve. When you wear a loose top downward dog with your head down and your butt up in the air makes that top cover your face - not comfy and not a good look with it rolling up your back about to come off!

Tighter tops won’t move around so you can focus on the movement, not moving your tee off your face! Sports bra wise, I just like to wear a sports bra for comfort, but you needn’t worry too much about support as there is no HIIT intervals here, just one that fits you well is best


Accessories wise, I recommend a head band if you've got longer hair or a fringe. I always want my hair away from my face so I pull it into a top bun and then a headband to get those pesky fine hairs away. Lots of studios have fans or cooling on also, and I hate when trying to be Zen and meditating having those fly-aways tickle my face!

Then I always recommend you have a water bottle, yoga class or not! I think my water bottle and I are in a serious relationship, it comes everywhere with me. Water is my best addiction yet, so find yourself a cute water bottle and keep it by your side! Cotton On Body have a tone of nice ones ♥

Finally, most yoga studios will have matts there for you to use, some will charge you extra - some are included in the class fee. Either way you do need one, I would say give yoga a go for a few classes to see if it’s something you think you’re going to want to do often, and then if it is invest in your own matt. Mine is from Lorna Jane and I love it, its super thick and soft but you can grip into it so there are no awkward slips during those balancing moves! They don’t advertise the matts online for some reason, but they are in the stores

And there we have it, my guide to what to wear for yoga.

Do you do yoga? What do you wear?

Outfit Details:
Headband: Lulu Lemon - LINK!
Sports Bra: Bloch - LINK!
Tank Top: Local Gym, similar one HERE!
Tights: Blockout - LINK!
Thongs: Havaianas - LINK!
Yoga Mat: Lorna Jane, similar one HERE!
Water Bottle: Cotton On Body - LINK!

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