Monday, 23 December 2013

Recipe: Watermelon Salad

Hello there, and welcome back to my little space 
Today I have a recipe that is just too yummy not to share. You know that when your thinking about how good your asparagus tasted in the middle of your workday that you did something right! 
So here is my Watermelon salad recipe. This may have come about because I got a tad too excited that I could purchase half a watermelon and was needing to find multiple ways to consume it before it went slimy ~ win win right?

Watermelon Salad
Triple Smoked Ham
Fresh Lime
Salt & Pepper
*I didn't put in proportions because I guesstimated and it depends on how much you want to eat and how many people you want to feed!   

Cut halloumi into slices and asparagus in pieces and place into the pan with olive oil, salt & pepper and the juice of one lime. Cook this until the halloumi turns golden brown
Place a handful of spinach and rocket onto a plate. Add the cut up watermelon, cucumber and shaved ham over the greens
Once the halloumi is cooked and no longer soft, place onto cutting board and slice into cubes
Place the asparagus and halloumi onto the salad and drizzle the left over lime juice and oil on top
Season with salt & pepper

This was absolutely delish so I highly recommend you try it out...right now...seriously go! 
I am already considering how acceptable it would be for me to eat this for breakfast.... it was that good!
Have a wonderful day / night wherever you may be as you read this

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