Friday, 2 August 2013

My MORE Mantra

Hello all, I hope you are all well and having a great week!
Today I have a post all about my MORE mantra. Aka ~ how do I get MORE out of each day? If you're an Aussie girl like me then you will know all about Lorna Jane and her amazing active wear, and even if your not an Aussie I'm sure you know of her. Here is the link to her active wear site: LINK!


Lorna Jane also has another website, which is the Move Nourish Believe Website - LINK! Here it is focused on healthy recipes, great workouts, motivational posts and MORE!
So this blog post today is a way for us Lorna Jane obsessive's to get involved with the launch of LJ's new book:

~MORE of the fit womans secrets~

Here are my Five Ways  I Extract MORE out of each day:

1: Morning Booty Call!

What's a morning booty call I hear you ask? Well no it is not what you think it is! It is when you get up 30 minutes before you normally would to walk/run/ride away from your house for 15 minutes, turn around and come right back! This term and idea is from the lovely ladies at Tone It Up - LINK!

I am a TIU member and follow along with their lifestyle along with Lorna Jane's MNB (post on TIU to come!), so with the two combined I am finding myself to be in the healthiest, strongest, happiest state I've ever been in!


Sports Bra: LJ - LINK!
Top: LJ - LINK!
Tights: LJ - LINK!
Shoes: Assics - LINK!

Back to that bootycall! I do this 2-4 times a week, and I run down to the lake near my place and WOW let me tell you that by doing this I am getting so much MORE energy out of my day! At first I thought it was pure crazy to get up at 5.45am to go run in the dark ~ I mean why would I when I can sleep? Well I decided to do it anyway and this has formed into a habit that I love. Yes it is hard to roll out of bed, but once i'm out the fresh air makes me instantly awake, the endorphins i get make my day start on such a positive note, and I've found the days I do get that bootycall in I'm more awake and alert than the days I dont!
By getting in my 30minute cardio fix I start my day right, then no matter what else comes up in that day I know i've gotten some exercise in! Plus an added bonus is the realisation of how much I truly love nature ~ the effect fresh air and natural beauty can have on you will amaze you I promise!

2: Errands App on my phone
The second way I get MORE out of my day is by using technology to my advantage! I have an App called Errands that is on my phone (added bonus, its free!), and it's here that I put in every workout, every meeting, every catch up with friends and even just scheduled time to relax!
Errands App - Top left hand corner!
I have specific folders in the app, a work one, a social one, a task one, an exercise one, a loved ones one and a Tone It Up one! In each I then enter in what I know I need to do for the week, things I want to do and sort out my workouts for the week too. The above workouts are from TIU, they post on their blog weekly workout schedules and i love sticking to them!

You can view it monthly or by folder, and each day as I get tasks done, i tick them off. This has been 100% the best way to keep myself accountable, and I'm getting so much MORE done each day when I have it set out with a plan of attack. Keeping myself accountable makes me fit in those workouts, ensures im getting enough time with friends and family and i really get a thrill out of ticking them off when they are done!

3: Sunday Funday - Meal prep

My third way to get MORE from each day is to PREP PREP PREP! When it comes to my meals, I make sure to take some time each week, usually a Sunday afternoon; to plan out what lunches and snacks I want for the week. I change it up each week so i'm never board of what I'm eating. By doing this, i'm making healthy wholesome, delish food every week and I know I have something to eat each day at work. There is no longer that 5 minute rush before running out the door late for work with no food, grabbing snack bars or nothing at all! Now I happily have it all packed up in the fridge and freezer and i can just grab out my lunch and pick from 2-3 different types of snacks, pure bliss I tell you! The amount of stress that is elevated from my week by doing this is astounding! I actually look forward to Sunday afternoons, and cooking is now a hobby of mine! Each week I look for new recipes to try, and pick out different snacks to make - healthy black bean brownies? ahhhh yes and yummmm! By taking a few hours once a week, I get so much MORE out of the rest of my week with less stress and more time each night to relax and spend time with my love instead of worrying about what we have in the house that i can use for lunch!

4: Gratitude book

My 4th way of getting MORE is by taking the time to stop and actually acknowledge how many amazing things I already have in my day to day life. This gratitude book has been such a gift for me. It is a diary that you jot down 3 things that you are grateful for that day and then there is space for notes if you want to expand on it.
By using this diary, I now look for the good in each day, I notice the little things and I really appreciate the important people in my life. I jot down the smallest of things like seeing a baby swan try and fly, to having a great conversation with a customer, to the big things like going to the Australian Open with my Mum, or when my boyfriend takes the time to do something sweet for me like take me out for dinner or cover a wall in post it notes. It makes me stop and appreciate all the good moments in each and every day no matter how big or small. Its making my life so much MORE enriching and positive.
 The Gratitude Book: LINK!
5: Taking in the moment
 My final thing that I do that gives me MORE out of each day is actually just stopping and allowing myself to be entirely in the moment. By doing the other 4 things, I have that time everyday to spend MORE time with the people i love, and instead of forward thinking about what else i need to get done, i can really stop and take in each moment as it happens and truly LIVE in the moment with no stress or worry! I think by ensuring I'm organised, prepared, thinking positively and moving my body I'm allowing myself to really be in each moment. I don't stress about what I need to be doing each day and I don't feel like im wasting any time in anything I do!

So there you have it! My mightily long post on how I'm getting MORE from each and everyday, and overall just really living and loving my life!
Please let me know if you enjoyed this post, because I think I will start doing some more lifestyle / food / workout posts from now on!
And tell me, how do you get MORE out of your day?


  1. Great blog Sarah and very inspiring to read. Keep it up because your positive blogging can change the way people choose to live their lives. Meg:)

  2. I like this post so much please keep it up


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