Thursday, 1 August 2013

Debate: The Fur Vest

Fur vest - Fall Outfit
A little FUR is such a perfect way to accent any outfit. But I'm sure PETA would agree, don't overkill it!
Fur vest
sweater & coyote fur vest
fur vest
fur vest
big fur vest, top knot, bright orange bag - yes, yes, yes.
fur over sweater/statement necklace
Only reason why I can't wait until fall and winter. Fur vest will never go away
Fur Vest
Red Fur Vest
all images taken from Pinterest
Hi all,
today i've got a post on the fur vest. First up - by fur I of course mean FAUX fur! I am 100% against real fur anything here people! Faux all the way!
So fur vest, do you love it or do you hate it? For such a long time I've always said you will never catch me wearing anything faux fur or anything lepord print. I just have never liked either and thought that they both have the tendancy to easily make an outfit go from great to ..... erm.... trashy?!
Wait wait, now before you all start screaming at me, i think im coming around to the fur.... not sure about animal print just yet... but the faux fur i am warming up to. I think the faux fur vest can add a touch of glamor and style to a basic outfit, and an added bonus; it keeps you warm which is a plus for someone who cant feel their nose or fingers all winter long (anyone else out there??). Done right, I think it can be pulled off.
I may have a What I Wore coming up with a faux fur vest.... you shall have to tune in and see!
Anyway, give me your thoughts - are you a strong lover of all things faux fur? Or do you absolutly hate it? Or are you like me and starting to think it may be a good idea? Let me know! If your a lover of the look, how do you style it?

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