Thursday, 15 October 2015

Impress Juices

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Today I wanted to share with you one of my newest obsessions - Impressed Juices!
I dunno about you but I am always on the look out for fresh, affordable juices that have no added muck to them. I am that person in the supermarket drinks aisle reading the back of every bottle yelling out to my fiancĂ© (YES! More on that soon!) - "and this one isn't even real juice - its reconstructed!"
I love drinking juice as a snack to throw in a bunch of nutrients from fruit and veggies all at once, I often buy really expensive juices because its hard to find cheaper one that have no additives.
Enter Impressed Juices - these bad boys are sold in Woolworths across Australia, are cold pressed (YES), made with fresh produce, no additives and the fruit and veggies they use are all grown in Australia. I mean!!! Best part? They are $3.50 a bottle. AMAZING! 
I am obsessed.
They currently have 4 different flavours, but on this day I could only get my hands on three of the four.

This one is the Berry Beats, the newest juice of theirs hitting stores across Australia as we speak. It has beetroot, cucumber, strawberry, blueberry, pear and carrot. It. Tastes. So. Good! This is the perfect juice to have if your not too keen on the super green stuff as it is mostly fruit and the beetroot actually gives it a really nice sweetness. 

This one is their Summer Greens with spinach, pineapple, kale, apple, cucumber and mint. It is so refreshing with that hint of mint in it, I love this one on super hot days.  

The Ginger Ninja! This one has carrot, apple, ginger and turmeric. This one is sweet but you can just tell its doing you good! I had so many of these when I was sick as its a perfect pick me up for your body when its run down.
The other one that I didn't manage to grab on this day is another green juice they have called 'The Works'
It is probably the most hard-core one of the bunch having apple, cucumber, celery, fennel, kale, parsley and lemon. I love this one for a really good health kick (aka the day after I've indulged ha!).  

 Overall I am so impressed with these juices (see what I did there lol), they are fresh, natural, healthy, tasty, home grown and at a price point I am more than happy to pay. I cant wait for the rest of the food industry to catch onto making healthy wholesome food more accessible!
Have you tried these? If you have what's your favourite one? I actually think mine is the Ginger Ninja!
You can check out all the nutritional facts etc over on their website HERE!
Enjoy your day

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