Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What I Wore: Saturday - Workout Edition

Hi everyone,
Here is another outfit of the day, I decided for this post I would focus on something I am wearing ..... I'd say 50% of the time. Workout gear. 
I am an avid exercise goer, if I could wear gym gear to work I'd be one happy girl (goes off and google searches jobs at Lorna Jane). 
Most weekends I will pick a day to focus on working out and I will stay in my workout gear for the whole day. This is also the day I do those boring errands such as food shopping. I then give myself the other day to get dressed up a bit more, go for coffee dates and shopping for fun stuff like more workout clothes. The cycle is just endless! 
Enough of my ranting on how much I wear gym clothing, onto the actual photos of gym clothing baha.   

So I didn't intend this outfit to become an advert for Nike ~ It just happened I swear. After I took these pics I realised I was representing Nike pretty bad! 
My Shoes are are gift from the BF and they suit those days where your not doing too much cardio as they are not designed to be running shoes ~ better suited to weights or toning days. The tights are super comfy and hold everything in just swell! As it is winter in Australia at the moment, the long sleeve Lorna Jane top is a must, it is breathable but keeps you warm. The jacket is a waterproof one which is great when your out and the light drizzle kicks in. And of course a hat, it may be freezing but the sun still shines! (thank goodness!)

Outfit Details:
Hat: Nike - LINK!
Top: Lorna Jane - Link!
Tights: Nike - LINK!
Shoes: Nike - LINK!
Jacket: Puma - Similar here - LINK!

Let me know if you like this kind of post and I'll start adding in more workout themed posts into my blog. xoxo

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