Monday, 15 July 2013

Coffee Table Books

Hello Everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weeked!
Today's post is all about a few of my favorite coffee table books.

 This book is a great read, it is full of tips and tricks.
I read this one from front to back when I first got it, and every now and then I like to go back to it and flip through when im lacking in fashion inspiration. My favorite tip in this one was to use a grater to distress your denim, its how i DIYed my boyfriend jeans.

Lauren Conrad: Style - LINK!

This book is jam packed with beautiful pictures of amazing makeup looks, how to guides with step by step to show how to achieve different looks and a guide as to what every girl should have in their make-up kit! Its a great one to have when your just getting interested in makeup, and for when you feel you have the basics down; its perfect to use to experiment with different looks you may not have thought of yourself.
Rae Morris: Makeup The Ultimate Guide - LINK!

The b.f.f book is purely for cuteness! It has pics of babies and baby animals. Given to me by my bestie, its the perfect book to have on the table to flick through for a little bit of
awww - ness.
Rachael McKEnna: b.f.f - LINK!
Rachel Zoe's book is highly similar to Lauren Conrad's but each is obviosly through thier own experiences. I like both thier fashion styles, and admire Rachel Zoe for all she has created for herself. Her book does go into more details of her life, growing up around fashion and what inspired her to become a stylist. If you like fashion, you'll like this one.
Rachel Zoe: Style A to Zoe - LINK!
This book may not suit everyones coffee table preferences, but I am highly interesting in marketing and the use of psychology to get consumers to purchase things, which makes this Gruen Transfer book perfect! It goes through a typical person's day and the amount of advertising that they encounter. Fun to pick up and read a fact from time to time! Fun fact now: 'The Gruen transfer is the moment when consumers respond to "scripted disorientation" cues in the environment - i.e. you go to the shops to buy milk and come out with three new pairs of jeans!'
Jon Casimir: The Gruen Transfer: LINK!

So there we have it! A few of my favorite books to just have lying around. They are nice to have sitting by your couches, in a book case that is displayed or indeed for on your coffee table. Perfect when having a chat with a friend to flip through.
What are some of your go to books? I am always on the hunt for more!

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  1. I am also coffee lover. I have round brown coffee table. It is center of attraction of my study room.

    Kopi Luwak


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