Monday, 15 June 2015


Oh .... hello there. Gulp! 
So it's been quite awhile since you have seen this blog pop up isn't it!! Golly gosh I sort of completely totally didn't touch or look at my blog for MONTHS.
I haven't blogged in 2015 yet
This is my first post of the year and were halfway through it! Yikes.
So I've been gone for awhile. This blog has always been first and foremost a life recorder for me. Which I love, which I miss! Life got super full on, super fast and a lot happened and thus the recording of the happenings stopped.
However! When I am old and grey I want to remember the life happenings and how I felt and what I thought at the time. Memories are amazing things that we have stored in our heads but there are so many moments and feelings to a day I don't want to forget. I want to be able to come back here and read a post from years ago and instantly be pulled back into that moment and recall how I felt on that day.
Hence the blog. Lol. Ok enough.

Ok so the last post I did was in December last year. Since then I have moved cities, moved house, changed jobs and started studying for my masters! Phew. It was a lot, all at once.
So I'm going to share with you some pictures from my phone of what's been going on the past....erumm 5 months!!!

Flying up to Brisbane to search for a new home

Outside the front of my new work!

Spot the excited person lol

All set in the car to drive 14+ hours (with the help of some fury friends of course)

The crazy rain that happens up in the tropics! (and the view from my desk - say what?!)

The city is SO pretty!

One of my favourite times in the day is exiting the train station to walk to work - the city is just so bright and awake

Brisbane has a Starbucks - bliss

Our new home is in a complex with a pool.... I mean ....

This is a new running spot I found - Sandgate - such a beautiful place to go running 

Bribie Island - a 40min drive from Brisbane and so pretty! - ill do a full post on this spot soon!

My new favourite thing to do - be upside down wherever I go

This is a storm day at 8am - scary!

Sunrise from my bedroom window

Lunchtime down along the river 

Moving cities required us to have my car full, my parents car full, Chris's car full, a hire van full (like to top to bottom scary full) and a trailer attached to the hire van - phew!!!! 

First coffee on the balcony on the first morning in the new place

I am obsessed with the view from my work - its different every day and i never get sick of it! 

Friday means champagne

Teeny tiny pineapple from the farmers market for $1! (Post to come on that soon too!)

Down at Sandgate 

This is a wall at a yoga studio in the city - Stretch Yoga 

Hehe I get visitors every few days 

This is a snap from the Eat Street Markets - another amazing spot i'll blog about. Its essentially a night food market but each food stall is a storage crate thing - very cool and amazing variety of food. 

Chris's new favourite past time that i don't mind either - fishing! 

This was early one morning on my way to a breakfast talk for work down in Southbank 

Bribe Island Sunsets 

And there we have it - just a few shots from the past few months that i pulled from my phone. 
I am so excited to get back into blogging again -  here is a short list of things I want to blog about:

* I want to share all the new places in Brisbane that were finding
 * Tips on moving
* Studying my Masters - what i'm doing and how I manage with full time work, life etc
* Workout routine and fitness update
* Food posts 
* Yoga 
* Life posts - motivation, negativity, tough situations, gratitude 
* Beauty & fashion


Let me know if there is anything in particular you'd be keen to hear about 
Type soon!

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