Sunday, 21 June 2015

Brisbane Farmers Markets

Hello and welcome back! YAY to another post (pats self on back for getting back into it!).
Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite activities to do in Brisbane that I've discovered so far ... Farmers Markets.
Yep I know that Farmers Markets are everywhere but they really seem to be a 'thing' up here, almost every suburb / area has their own, some are huge some are tiny, some are so popular and some not many people have heard of, some have fruit and veg and some have food, music, clothes etc. One of my fav things to do is get up Saturday or Sunday morning and go explore a market, and in doing so I think we've found a pretty dang good one that is right near our new home, the Carseldine Markets.

Phone case love - TIU representing! LINK HERE! 

These markets are open on Saturdays 6am - 12pm and are in the prettiest setting! It use to be a school but they converted into government offices. 

The thing I love about these markets is that they offer so many things but they are not huge and overwhelming. They have a fresh fruit and vegetable section, a section full of vans with all different types of food and dinks, live music with a different style each week, and section for craft, clothing, jewellery, plants and more.  

The newest edition is a petting zoo, too cute. 

A very fun thing about these markets too is the signs that are everywhere - they are hilarious, cute and useful - I love it! 

Health nuts dream - markets that sell kombucha! Ahhh. They even offer 0.50c back for each bottle you return so you can take money off the next lot you buy he he he. 

Some of the seating area near the food

This stall excites me immensely every week - they do the BEST fresh juices and smoothies. 

Chris is a rather big fan of the German hotdogs - they are huge! I didn't catch him in time, he gobbled it down so quickly!

Happiness - sunshine, maxi's and fresh juice (with sliced fruit on top!)
Here is the LINK to the markets website in case your keen to check it out yourself.
Let me know if you go to any markets and any you think we should check out!


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