Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Getaway Part Two

Hello and welcome back!
Here I am today with part two of my getaway! If you have no clue what I'm on about read THIS first!
So we started our Saturday with a breakfast recommendation at the Quarterdeck. This place was funky, best way I can describe it would be if the TV show Friends was by the ocean it would be in this café!

Everything was a bit miss matched but all went together somehow. The owner was super friendly, he collects Hawaiian Shirts and wears a different one each day.  

The coffee got a thumbs up from me, and the mocha was top notch for the BF, so much so that we ordered seconds as takeaway to leave with!

He had Eggs Benedict and said they were deelish 

I had Banana bread with a ricotta spread and local honey - the side of tomato was from Chris's plate, he is not a tomato lover (I know, strange fella!)

After our leisurely breakfast, we grabbed our takeaway coffees and headed for a drive to Tilba, perhaps THE cutest little town. The scenery was just amazing; we both kept saying that we felt like we were in Ireland or something, so green and lush with rolling hills and amazing trees.
We stopped in Tilba to get some creamed honey for Mum at the cheese factory and then strolled up and down the main street. My Dad is the biggest sweet tooth so we got him some lollies from this gorgeous old school lolly shop.  

This is the petrol station.... I mean.... how dang cute! 

Then there was the entire shop dedicated to tea. 

This photo cracks me up too much, such a goof. He looks like Woody out of Toy Story to me for some reason!

Shoes: Converse
Tights: Lorna Jane
Jumper: Victoria Secret Pink

I then proceed to not take any more photos on my big girl camera for the rest of the day, however we did do a lot! Here are a few from my mobile. 
We headed out to play golf!
Chris is a big golfer so it was fun to go and play with him, this golf course was absolutely beautiful too - right by the ocean, and one of the holes you have to hit it over the ocean to the other side of the cliff!

Hat: Nike
Collared Shirt - Lee
Long Sleeved Top: Nike

This was the hole you had to hit over the water! Chris did really well! I may have hit around it lol. Surprisingly I found that I wasn't shocking at golf, its quite fun to wack a ball and watch it fly through the air! I would recommend as a fun date with a guy if you've never done it before.

After 18 holes and like 4 hours later we finished up and headed back to our hotel to refresh and figure out what to do for dinner. We ended up going to a Thai place in the centre; it was yummy but not overly amazing so I wont say which one it was. A nice night out though.
The next day it was time to head home, we took the long way along the ocean and stopped by my favourite café on the coast to have the most epic chicken burger - biggest treat for me I love it! I have been known to take day trips to the coast for this burger haha. And of course I forgot to document it, twas just to excited!
We then had a bit of a chill at the beach pictured below, I decided to be nuts and go swimming in the water! It was FREEZING lol but such a great way to re-set and feel refreshed.

It then poured down in rain so we started the drive home. I always love the drive to the coast and really don't like the drive home. Must be something about getting further away from the beach. Im a beach girl at heart trapped in a city that doesn't have one .... sob sob.
Anywho, we had a great little getaway, sometimes its just the thing needed to have a step out of your home town, regular routine and just relax and revive yourself!
I hope you enjoyed!!

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