Friday, 1 January 2016

Aussie Summer Lifesaver

Ahhhh Summer in Australia. I don't really think there is anything better. The days get longer, swimming in the ocean, tropical fruit, swimming in the pool, lying on a beach towel, reading a good book. There is just something about being by the seaside that is so relaxing.
One thing I love more than anything is that feeling you get when your lying in the sun where you can actually feel your bones warm up!
However on occasions I can get a little too carried away and manage to get myself more on the red side of a lobster. All Aussies know what I'm on about - that burn you get that stings to sit on, that keeps you awake at night because you feel like you on fire! 

This product however is by far my favourite for after being in the sun, sunburn or not. I've tried so many different aftersuns and I swear by this one. It cools my skin down and makes my burns turn brown which is just amazing to me. If anything I would go so far to say that it actually helps me to turn some redness into a tan, and I never peel if I use this.
Ambre Solaire After Sun. It smells incredible, I sometimes sniff it in winter to just get that flood of summer memories rushing in!
It has cactus extract which I think is the kicker for why its so good. 

The funniest thing about this product is that you cant actually purchase it in Australia anymore!!!
I don't know why but Garnier get your act together and bring it back!!!
I bulk buy mine (yes) on eBay and get it shipped form the UK of all places (do they even see the sun?!)
Here is a LINK to one - try it and let me know if you love it!

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