Monday, 17 February 2014

Her Fitness Box Launch

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Ok, self promotion over, today's post is actually all about an event I attended up in Sydney last week; the launch of Her Fitness Box. 
If you've read this space on the internet before then you've probably heard me speak about Her Fashion Box (HERE, HERE & HERE) which is the founding company of Her Fitness Box. It is a monthly subscription box where you get sent a box of goodies, and for the first time ever (in ze world people!) there is going to be a monthly subscription dedicated to health and fitness. 
Now, if you know a bit about me you'll realize I am fitness obsessed! So when I found out there was a Fitness box being launched I jumped for joy (in sets of 3, 12 reps each hehe). When I got an invite to attend the launch.... well lets just say I was very excited to see what this new venture was all about. 
So off I went to Sydney (the city full of traffic and sadly clouds) for a Tuesday morning launch down by the water overlooking the city. Below I have my photo diary from the day, enjoy! 

Jumpsuit - Dotti: LINK!
Shoes - Kmart
Bag - Kmart
Necklace - Her Fashion Box
Bracelet - Lorna Jane

Lucette demonstrating for us this months workouts

The beautiful HFB founder and CEO Kath 

Lucette the lovely lady who is heading Her Fitness Box 

So there we have it, if your interested in signing up for the Her Fitness Box, check it all out HERE!
A big thank you to the beautiful HFB team for inviting me, it was so good to finally meet you all! 

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