Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Spring / Sumer 2013 / 2014 Trends

Hello all,
Spring has sprung over here in Australia, which has me excitedly looking foward to the Spring / Summer trends for this coming seasons. Typical of being in Australia, we are a year behind in the fashions due to that whole opposite seasons / opposite sides of the world thing. However I like to think we get to see all the trends tried and tested by our friends over the water first, so by the time they make their way to our shores I am already pretty set on what I think will work for me and what I can incorporate into my wardrobe.
As with most trends, I always opt for the cheaper version; firstly to see if the trend stays for more than a season and secondly to see if I enjoy it myself and if it suits my shape. If it does I tend to then go for a better quality version to wear for mulitple seasons!

Ally Fashion Top: LINK!

Boohoo Dress: LINK!

Frist up is the 'china plate look' as I like to call it, or 'porcelian' as the fashion world says. I love this mix of white with blue, it makes me wish I was in the Greek Islands and I think it will be a beautiful summer staple.

Sabo Skirt Floral Blazer: LINK!

Asos Floral Dress: LINK!

Boohoo Floral Dress: LINK!

Of course there is floral, I dont really think a Spring / Summer is complete without a few floral pieces. Perfect for those warm spring days, florals brighten up any look and add that slight touch of 'girlyness' to an outfit. This is one key trend that I am happy to spend a bit more on as I think it has that lasting power for multiple years and also multiple seasons.  

Image 1 of ASOS RECLAIMED Vintage Look Floral Top

Image 4 of ASOS RECLAIMED Vintage Look Floral Top

Asos Crop Top: LINK!

Daily Look: LINK!

Here we have the 'sets' look, something that is relativley new this coming season. We saw this emerge last Spring / Summer in the format of Suit sets with shorts and blazers matching. This is something that I feel may be a little to 'trendy' to last awhile, but with the right print and length I think it would be a perfect look for a night out, a picnic, an outting with the girls etc. And on the plus, you can wear each piece seperate too!

Ally Fashion Crop: LINK!

Ally Fashion Crop: LINK!

Sabo Skirt Bustier: LINK! 

Daily Look Crop Top: LINK!

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The final trend I have today is the crop top. A controversial piece I know, I think you either love it or hate it. It is something I've never delved into before but im sort of considering it this summer. I think if you make sure you dont show all of your midriff it can still look 'put together'
I'm thinking a bandage style crop worn with pretty high waisted flowing skirt or a loose crop with high waisted jeans would work out ok. The key is to make sure whatever crop you have on top, you balance it out with the bottom half. What do you think? Yay or Nay on the cropped trend?
So there we have my first look into the Spring / Summer trends, any of these trends tickle your fancy? What are you looking foward to wearing this summer? And if your over on the other side of the world, please let me know what was your most worn trend last summer?

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