Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Favorite Lush Product

I have been a fan of Lush products for about a year now, ever since the store opened up in the Civic Centre I have always grabbed something when passing by.

I have many favourites from there (if you have never tried the bath bombs, I beg you - go get one asap!) however I think I now know what my ultimate favourite is.

Introducing the Ocean Salt Facial Scrub.

I know this is a firm favourite due to this tub being my third one.


This product if perfect if you have oily / combination skin like me, it is the best working exfoliate I've ever used and smells amazing!

It is covered with sea salt on the top and a bright blue colour, but once you blend it all together it becomes this baby blue colour. It literally smells like your having a cocktail in your shower.

When you scrub it on your face, it is the actual chunks of sea salt that do the exfoliating, and when rinsing it off it has a almost stinging sensation ~ which is actually something I really like about it, to me that is an indicator of it actually doing its job.


Another plus of Lush Product is that they use as many natural ingredients as possible, they have deals where if you return 5 or more of these you receive a free face mask (another fav) and they actually show on the tubs the person who made the product. It’s nice for a change to have a brand who do things a little differently.


Have you ever tried this product? Did you love it like me?


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