Saturday, 2 February 2013

OOTD: That White Tee x2

Hello hello.
So as you are aware if you've been here before I have been on the search for the 'perfect' white tee. 
Well... I found two. So of course I got two. Details below. 


Tee #1 

Sportsgirl tee: TEE HERE

I took this wired angle shot to try and show you the fabric a bit better, it is made of 100% Linen which I love, as it is something slightly different and I know it ain't going to shrink on me in the wash (I am wary of 100% cotton made items for this sole reason; barbie style clothing anyone?). 

It has a more reenforced neckline with a thicker fold which I enjoy, along with cuffed sleeves. 


Tee number #2

Basics are making me happy, simplifying closet for 2013 .... begun. 

This tee also has cuffed sleeves, and a pocket which oddly makes me extremely happy. 

It is made out of 50% Cotton and 50% Model which makes it extremely soft and with that slight stretch to it. 

Side note, I am in love with this jacket I purchased from Ebay for a steal I tell ya!

So there we go, two white tees success. Thank you Sportsgirl. 
Where is your 'perfect' white tee from? 

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